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Client Population : Children. Or adults who prefer non-verbal psychotherapy (i.e. Sandplay Therapy). I have helped the children who had psychological and developmental issues, and the adults who were undergoing various issues which include interpersonal relationships, emotional stress, loss, trauma, depression, anxiety and eating disorder. I have also worked with children and adults who were seeking self-discovery. 

Counseling Approaches: Jungian-oriented Psychotherapy, Psychoeducational Assessment, Client-centered Therapy, Play / Expressive Therapies, etc. Online Counseling including Virtual Sandtray (Digital Sand Tray Therapy) is also available.

Psychoeducational Assessment: I am able to assess a Japanese child with KABC II Japanese Version, Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration Sixth Edition, projective tests (emotional functioning) and write a full report in English. I am also able to offer an English speaking psychoeducational assessment collaborating with other professionals.

Hours: Mainly Weekends and public holidays.  I am currently working online only.

Counseling Fees: Please refer to the attached file “Counseling Information / Informed Consent.



When there was no immediate email response from me, you can contact me at this mobile number: 089-7632770

Dr. Miho Katsumata is a School Counselor working at an international school in the suburbs of Bangkok. She is a licensed psychologist, Sandplay Therapist (ISST) and holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She specializes in children’s psychology and Jungian Sandplay Therapy.