About me 私について

Hello! I am Dr. Miho Katsumata. I am an English/Japanese speaking psychologist, living in Bangkok, Thailand. I am currently working as School Counselor / Teacher in an international school in Thailand. I am a licensed psychologist, a certified school psychologist and have a PhD in counseling psychology from The Assumption University of Thailand. My PhD dissertation title is ‘Jungian-oriented Group Activity Therapy Promotes Self-concept, Resilience, Self-compassion, and Compassion for Others among Thai Adolescents’.  My approach to counseling and psychotherapy is Jungian psychology (Carl Jung’s psychodynamic approach) and expressive arts/play method. Through the combination of these two frameworks, I help children, adolescents and adults in their psychological process of self-healing and personal growth. I have attended extensive expressive/play therapy trainings including  Sandplay Therapy, play therapy, expressive therapies, and artistic therapies. I have also completed over 200 hours of Sandplay Therapy supervision / personal process from four different Sandplay Therapists/teachers certified by ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy).

As I have been working in Japanese / Thai / international schools / colleges as a teacher, counselor and school psychologist for over 20 years and having received extensive training in Sandplay Therapy, my speciality is working with children and adolescents with developmental, emotional, behavioral and social issues through conducting educational assessment, parenting support and working with Sandplay Therapy.

My approach can be also eclectic in order to meet the different expressive styles of clients and their preference of counseling approach. I have had various extended types of counseling trainings and I include a wide-range of other counseling skills including Cognitive Therapy, Solution-focused Approach, Person-centered Approach, Gestalt Approach, Mindful Therapy and Group Therapy as needed. The cases I have worked include child developmental / psychological issues, grief and loss, trauma, eating disorder, depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship, and self-discovery.

Professional Affiliations

  • Japan Association of School Psychologists
  • The Japanese Association of Sandplay Therapy
  • The Japanese Association for Research on Children of Divorced Families and Stepfamilies

I am living outside of Bangkok with my Thai husband. I enjoy writing and learning Thai language in my spare time.

はじめまして。タイ王国バンコク都在住の公認心理師・学校心理士・カウンセリング心理学博士の勝又美保と申します。現在はタイ王国内のインターナショナルスクールでスクールカウンセラー/教員として勤めています。私の専門領域は子供の臨床心理とユング派箱庭療法です。2019年にタイ王国アサンプション大学院で取得したカウンセリング心理学の博士論文のタイトルは「ユング派のグループ・アクティビティー・セラピーがタイ人青年者の自己概念、レジリンス、自己への思いやり、他人への思いやりを促進する」です。私のカウンセリングと心理療法の方法論はカール・ユングの心理学理論と創造的アート / 遊戯療法の理論に基づくものです。これまで、箱庭療法、 遊戯療法、表現療法、アート的療法など創造的アート / 遊戯療法をテーマとした多くのワークショップに参加してきました。 ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy:国際箱庭療法学会)有資格者より、箱庭療法のスーパービジョン/教育分析を200時間以上受けてきた経験があります。


ユング派の心理療法や創造的アート / 遊戯療法以外にも、認知療法、解決志向アプローチ、来談者中心療法、ゲシュタルトアプローチ、マインドフルアプローチ、ボーエン家族システム論など様々なカウンセリング心理学のトレーニングを受けてきたため、大人を含めた多様なケースを包括的(折衷的)なアプローチを用い、対応することも可能です。子供の臨床以外にこれまで対応してきた相談内容は、自己発見、対人関係、精神的ストレス、喪失体験、トラウマ(心理的外傷)、摂食障害、うつ病、不安障害等です。



Dr. Miho Katsumata